Sunday, October 24, 2010

Falling behind...

My apologies for falling behind on the blog!

So much has happened in the last month!

As I'm sure you're aware...there is another blog associated with The Life Tourist now....called SUP Virginia.

My husband and I have been very busy going Stand Up Paddling whenever possible and I shamefully admit that most of my time has been spent on that blog rather than this one.

Well, now that the SUP season is practically over....I will most definitely devote more time to my touring life.  =)

And speaking of touring....

I'm heading to San Francisco next week!

I'm going to visit my fantastic Aunt and can't wait to update you all with my California adventures.

For now though, you'll have to make due with the following random thoughts going through my head at this very moment:

- Our dear friends are about to have their baby and I'm really worried that once the baby arrives we will no longer see them.  We rarely see them as it is, but that is because they are such good people that give their time and love in abundance to family, friends and church.  It's selfish to say that I know...but it's on my mind. 

- I got a promotion at work, and that's cool, but it didn't make me as happy as I thought it would.  People usually feel happy when they get promoted right?  Is it bad that I only felt satisfactory?

- My youngest brother did this NAGA tournament and came out of it slightly busted and bruised.  I think he's incredibly brave for participating but I'm pretty pissed off at the guy that took him down.  That's ridiculous...I know.  It's a tournament that my brother signed up for willingly.  But seriously, he's my baby brother.  Watch your back NAGA dude.

- One of my dogs just farted.

- I hope the flight to California isn't too bad.

- Holy moly, another dog fart.  Someone obviously isn't feeling well tonight.  =(

On that scent, I bid you goodnight.  ; )