Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baby Kea

We lost our Kea girl today.

I can't put into words the grief....

I can only feel it.

Thank you Baby Kea, for loving us so, so well these 11 years.

I know you're with Gridgery again, and that makes me so incredibly happy.

We love you so, so much.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

0 to 10k....

Yesterday I did something I haven't done in a very, very, very long time...

I ran the Monument 10k.

It's not much I realize, but considering I hadn't trained for it...I was quite surprised that my body just seemed to go into cruise control and I ran the whole thing!  Mind you, when I say "ran", I really mean "jogged", but I felt so incredibly awesome at the end of it!

And I'm super proud of my husband!

This was his first Monument 10k and he KILLED it!  He ran it in 54 minutes.  I completed it in 68 minutes.

I forgot how much I enjoyed the Monument 10k.

This year there were 41,000+ runners!

And there were some FANTASTIC costumes!

We ran into "UP" just before the race....

I wonder how heavy the costume was!!!!!

In addition to "UP" I saw Einstein, a running Picasso and a sea of black and gold for our VCU basketball team.

It was a wonderful Saturday morning!!!