Thursday, December 29, 2011

That just happened.........

At work, walking from the kitchen back to my cube I'm stopped by our lovely and sweet custodian and the following conversation takes place:

Carole: Hi!  Did you get to go home for the holidays?

Me: No, not this time.  We went home earlier in the year for my Mom's birthday though and it was wonderful.

Carole: Oh, well did you still have a good Christmas?

Me: I did!  My husbands family is here so we were all together, it was great!

Carole: That's wonderful.  [Looks down at my belly]  So did you swallow a turkey over the holidays?

Me: [Laughing] Nope! 

Carole: [Surprised look on face] OH! Are you expecting?!?!?!

Me: [Laughing some more] Yup!

Carole: Oh my!  How many months are you?

Me: [Calculating in my head 18 divided by 4] 4 and a half months!

Carole: Oh that's wonderful!  I noticed you were getting fat in the face [framing my face]  but I thought it was so pretty on you! 

Me: [Slightly mortified] Yeah, I know I've definitely gained weight. [Awkward laugh]

Carole: Oh no its lovely on you!  Congratulations!  That's wonderful news!

So while I was told I'm getting fat in the least some people think it looks pretty on me!  LOL!!!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Things of late...

I can't believe how lazy I've become about blogging!

I have every intention to do it...and then suddenly I'm napping instead of typing!

Aw the beauty of pregnancy.  =)

So there's a LOT I need to catch up on so we're going to do this list-wise (I'll try to keep them in order):

1.  I finally took a belly shot at 15 weeks pregnant.  It took a lot of requests for this to happen.  I honestly thought I'd be taking a photo of myself each week...but then I felt so....self-conscious!  LOL!  Anyhow, eventually I got over it.

2.  I got a fantastic birthday present of baby turning 16 weeks old in my belly on my 32nd birthday!  It was a fantastic day filled with good food, beautiful weather, Hanafuda in the park and family and friends (and a 16 week belly shot).

3. Got to see South Pacific at the Landmark Theater with Jody.  It was amazing!
4. Got all Christmas shopping and wrapping completed.

5. Had a wonderful Ladies Cake-Night out with my dear friends!

6. Experienced our first warm Christmas in VA in many years!  So warm that it allowed us to be outside...working on our top secret Christmas project....

And finally....

7. We're going to be staying at our fabulous and favorite B&B for our 10 year anniversary this coming weekend!  That's right!  I've been lucky to be in love with my best friend for 10 years (actually longer) and I can't wait to celebrate by escaping to the Inn at Tabb's Creek.

I will absolutely try to be better at blogging in the near future!!!!

But for now....

I need a nap!!!!!