Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Plan B's

WARNING:  Selfish post ahead

I mentioned in my previous post that the husband and I were considering several Plan B's in the event IVF doesn't work for us....

Plan B (#1)
Rent the house out, pack the dog up and move to Hawaii.  Where we'd live in Hawaii, what we'd do, that is all up in the air.  I just want to be back with my family.  I miss them so, so much and I realized on this last trip that just being around them nourishes my soul.

Plan B (#2)

Plan B (#3)
Sell the house, quit our jobs, pack the dog up and travel to some of the most awesome SUP destinations we can think of.  This is obviously the least realistic plan, but it's on the table.  ; )

Someone asked me why we needed Plan B's.  Why we wouldn't just stay here and continue living the life we have (child free).  The answer to that is simple.....

I don't think we'd be happy here if we remained child-free.

Our friends are growing their families and have less and less time to spend with us.

This house is too big for just the two of us humans.

And more importantly.....if we go through IVF and fail......I feel it will absolutely be time for a change of scene.

Of course there are TONS of reasons to stay.....but honestly, the other big reason I need a Plan B is so I have something to look forward to if we can't start a family.

Pity party of the night complete.  ; )

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm Alive! ; )

Where to begin.

First off I’d like to apologize for seemingly disappearing off the face of the planet.

We lost Kea, and then we were immediately flying home to Hawaii to surprise my Mom for her 50th birthday.

It was a very bitter-sweet couple of weeks.

Losing Kea was a nightmare, but being home and with my family celebrating 50 years of the most amazing woman I know was exactly the distraction I needed.  Being home kept me sane.

We spent 3 absolutely amazing weeks in Hawaii with my family.

It was (honestly) heaven.

I’ve always missed my family since having moved away so long ago…but this trip really (really) got under my skin.  It was just so….fun…having everyone together again. 

A lot of amazing things happened in those 3 weeks that I wish I had the time to blog about but alas….I don’t.  

So here are just a few snapshots of my favorite moments in Hawaii (in no particular order):

Once we got back to Virginia we needed to jump right back into our daily routine.

Our boxer Kozy had been staying with my sister-in-law and her family (including Kozy’s cousin Mocha) so he had a little trouble adjusting to a house without any other dogs when we got back.  It was actually quite sad.  He could still smell Kea on the bed, in specific areas of the house and didn’t seem to know what to do.  He also became very needy.  He needed to be in the same room with us at all times.  He couldn’t go out and go to the bathroom unless one of us walked outside with him.  He wouldn’t eat unless we were in the kitchen with him.  It was not pleasant. 

In addition to getting Kozy accustomed to being the only dog in the house, we had to get ready for a few upcoming events…like SUP Enduro and SUP Cross.

Our very first "official" Stand Up Paddle events!  Check out our blog posts at SUP Virginia for the skinny on that!  =) 

We’ve definitely kept ourselves busy since being back and it doesn’t look like we’re about to slow down anytime soon.

Lots of events taking place in the next few months.

We’ll also (fingers crossed) be starting our first round of IVF in the next few months as well.

In the meantime, we’re playing hard and entertaining the idea of several plan B’s if IVF doesn’t work (one such plan being moving back to Hawaii).

More to follow!