Thursday, March 4, 2010

UK Vacation (day 7)

(July 22, 2008)

Day seven---St. Andrews

Slept in for the first time since the vacation began.

Shane and Si's room is so awesome, they have this HUGE baywindow that overlooks the rooftops of St. Andrews....

Seriously...that's the's FABULOUS! And the sky is really that blue!

Took a nice leisurely shower, got dressed and headed out with Norm, Si and Gabriel in search of cappucinos and snacks. (Shane had to study in the mornings...he's doing heavy research for his dissertation.)

Had cappucino and bagel at this really neat coffee shop called BeanScene and then walked around St. Andrews a bit before meeting Shane for lunch.

We grabbed sandwiches and walked across the street to one of the quads...I believe the medical building quad (gorgeous) and had lunch.

Pictured is us girls fashioning our glamo sunglasses and Shane tossing Gabe around.

After lunch, Shane had to go study again so Si and Gabriel took us on the walking tour of St. Andrews.

Obviously....St. Andrews is gorgeous. The weather was VERY warm that day....a nice 70 degrees....a bit too hot for the natives. =)

After a long day of walking and exploring Shane cooked up an amazing dinner and we all planned our next adventure....Edinburgh and Stirling....

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