Tuesday, April 6, 2010

UK Vacation (day 9)

(July 24, 2008)

Day nine--St. Andrews

After all the running around we did in Edinburgh and Stirling, it was definitely time for relaxation.

Jody and I got up and walked to BeanScene for breakfast. (Loved their cinnamin-rasin bagels)

Had a nice chat about the vacation thus far, looked through some tourist pamplets and then parted ways. (Jody was going to have a "boys day" with Shane and I was going to explore St. Andrews...and yes...when I say explore...I mean shop)

I know I've mentioned this before...but St. Andrews is beautiful...

As much as I love being with my husband...I really enjoyed this time alone.

Actually, I just really enjoyed not having to worry about someone else getting tired of walking or not wanting to go into the shops with me....

Jody is the BEST person to go biking with, driving with, or go to a movie with, etc....but he's definitely not the ideal candidate when it comes to walking and shopping. =)

I strolled around town, snapping photos, window-shopping, people-watching...etc...I was in heaven.


After awhile I put the camera away and got the wallet out.

It was time to shop.

I stopped at a few places and found some really great souvenirs to send to family and friends....and a few things for meself...naturally.

Lunchtime rolled around and I parked my bottom at an outdoor cafe, ordered a sandwich and a cappuccino, bought a newspaper, put my sunglasses on (it was that sunny and warm) and lounged there for a few hours. It was wonderful.

BTW---Scottish terriers are adorable.

I made it back to the appartment before the boys and so Si and I had some quality girl time. We talked about the usual........mother-in-laws, babies, life, travel, etc.

The boys eventually made it back...they had rented bikes and invaded a skate park. =) Silly boys.

Later in the evening Sandra came over while Shane cooked up yet another amazing meal.

Dinner was superb and then it was time to get serious.....about cards. =)

I can't remember the name of the game...but there was a bit of name-calling, cursing and groaning and moaning going on.....coincidentally....the previous night we had watched a movie about pirates where there was also a lot of name-calling, cursing and groaning and moaning going on........ARGH! (Just for you Si)

The game ended pretty badly...I think the guys beat the girls somehow...or maybe they sabotaged the girls....I can't really remember the whole thing...I just remember the girls were not happy with the guys. =)

Turned in a bit late which was a bad idea since we'd need to get up early for our 13 mile hike along the Fife Coastal Path the next day....

bring it!!!!!!

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