Saturday, April 7, 2012

Life at the moment...

I'm disappointed that I haven't been blogging more about my pregnancy....but I made a deal with myself that I wouldn't be completely consumed by it....and while I feel completely consumed by it, I think I've done OK with not spending every waking moment thinking about it and talking about it.

At first glance, I LOOK completely consumed by pregnancy simply because I'm bigger than I ever imagined I could be in my life.  I have three chins, no ankles or knees, my arms look like huge sausages and even my neck seems to have puffed out.  I partly accuse my size on the fact that I'm now required to drink a protein shake every day but remain off my feet as much as possible: doctor's orders.  So, I'm not exercising at all and consuming MORE than ever before.  The result of this combination is not fabulous, but completely worth it if it keeps my baby healthy and safe.

I've reached the "uncomfortable" stage of pregnancy at this point with lots of backaches, leg cramps, foot cramps, rib aches, headaches, hip aches, etc.  

I feel baby moving around so much lately and at times, the movement is extremely uncomfortable...but so incredible at the same time. 

I never thought my life would revolve around a restroom, but right now, it does.

Anywhere I go, the first and last stop is usually the restroom.  If we're going to be outdoors for more than 30 minutes, I need to know where the nearest restroom/port-o-john is.  It's unbelievable!

We're less than 8 weeks away from the due date and the list of To Do's is getting longer....

Tour the hospital
Take a birthing class
Pack a bag for the hospital
Figure out (if at all) the birthing plan
Figure out where Kozy will go when we're at the hospital
Figure out when my Mom should fly in
Pick up items we'll need for baby that we don't get from registry
Wash baby bedding/clothing/etc.
Take a "how not to kill your baby" class

There's probably more and I'm just forgetting at the moment....

Anyhow, that's the pregnancy part of life at the moment...

Other parts of life at the moment...

Jody will be competing in a few SUP races this month and next, and I'm soooooo jealous and disappointed that I can't participate.  I did get on a SUP board last weekend (VERY SHORT EASY PADDLE MOM AND DAD) for a photo shoot we did with our lovely sister-in-law-in-law.  ; )  I hope to have photos to share soon!  It felt absolutely incredible to be back on a board, on the water.  I've missed it so, so much.  It did wonders for my spirit.

Work has been more stressful lately and making me second guess my decision to return to work after having this baby.  I love the majority of the people I work with, but there are a select few that bring out the ultimate negativity in me and that's just not healthy.  I owe it to myself to rethink my life goals included and whether or not I want to be around people like this for much longer.

Thankfully, I've been able to spend some time with friends (even with crazy schedules and lack of movement on my part).  We recently celebrated a dear friends birthday with her annual talent show and it was so much fun.  I've had numerous brunch and coffee dates with other dear friends too and it just makes me so grateful to have these people in my life.  When you don't have your immediate family within driving's so, so important to have another support system in place.

I haven't had much time for anything else really.

Time is moving along quite quickly......and before we know it...we'll meet our little one and have a whole new adventure to blog about.  Don't worry though, I promise the entire blog will not be baby-related!  ; )


  1. Hang in there.... Like you said time will fly by.. We love and miss you....

    1. Thanks very much Mom!!!!!!!!!!!! We love and miss you too!!!!!