Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Plan B's

WARNING:  Selfish post ahead

I mentioned in my previous post that the husband and I were considering several Plan B's in the event IVF doesn't work for us....

Plan B (#1)
Rent the house out, pack the dog up and move to Hawaii.  Where we'd live in Hawaii, what we'd do, that is all up in the air.  I just want to be back with my family.  I miss them so, so much and I realized on this last trip that just being around them nourishes my soul.

Plan B (#2)

Plan B (#3)
Sell the house, quit our jobs, pack the dog up and travel to some of the most awesome SUP destinations we can think of.  This is obviously the least realistic plan, but it's on the table.  ; )

Someone asked me why we needed Plan B's.  Why we wouldn't just stay here and continue living the life we have (child free).  The answer to that is simple.....

I don't think we'd be happy here if we remained child-free.

Our friends are growing their families and have less and less time to spend with us.

This house is too big for just the two of us humans.

And more importantly.....if we go through IVF and fail......I feel it will absolutely be time for a change of scene.

Of course there are TONS of reasons to stay.....but honestly, the other big reason I need a Plan B is so I have something to look forward to if we can't start a family.

Pity party of the night complete.  ; )

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  1. Keeping all your options open is not a bad thing. I would love for you to come home to Hawaii but..... The Rock is the Rock, some people can only handle it for a short time.