Friday, October 14, 2011

Catching up....

I'm sorry it's been awhile since I've posted.

Life sometimes.  ; )

Here's a quick catch-up of what I've been up to...

1.  Finally got to see Wicked!!!!!!!!!  One of my fabulous friends hooked me up with an extra ticket (and not just any ticket) orchestra seating!  It was absolutely amazing!!!!!!  It had been some time since I'd seen a broadway musical and this performance reaffirmed my love of the performing arts.   It was also really awesome going with someone who appreciated the music just as much as I did!  We had a wonderful ladies date-night and I continue to be extremely grateful for the friends in my life.

2.  My little nephew that used to send me into giggle fits when he was a baby is turning 8 years old tomorrow!!!!!  How is that possible?!?!?

3.  My nephew turning 8 also means I've lived in Virginia for 8 1/2 years now.  Second only to Hawaii.  Cray-zee!!!!!!!!!

4.  The leaves have started to turn and it always makes me think of my Mom.  She loves the Fall.  I wish my family lived here.

5.  Our friends birthday/Halloween party is coming up and I'm pretty excited about costumes this year!!!!  Don't worry, we'll take pictures.  ; )

6.  SUPing season is just about done.  We're going to try to get a few more Fall paddles in while we can.

7.  We're cabin-camping with friends next month and I'm SOOOOOOO excited!!!  Time to release my inner hiking viking!!!!! 

8.  Chinese take-out = awesome.  Chinese take-out with friends = priceless.

I will leave you with a funny (but more funny if you were there) story about what Jody and I overheard while having brunch the other morning:

Woman:  I tell you, he's so ridiculous!  He demands so much attention!
Other woman: Really?
Woman: Yes, he is just so high maintenance.  Yesterday he took a chopstick from the table and just started chewing on it!  I took it away from him and he took the other chopstick from the table and started chewing on it.
Me to Jody: Well what does she expect if he doesn't know how to use chopsticks?
Jody to me: You do realize she's talking about a cat, right?
Me to Jody: I did not but that makes more sense.  Thank you.


  1. Whew!!! I thought Jody was gonna say they're talking about your DAD!!! Damn cats took my thunder:)

  2. CCCCCCCaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmOctober 14, 2011 at 9:21 PM

    AHh! And your profile pic changed today, too. I am a genius.... fun update! xo

  3. If Wicked comes my way, I'm going...

    Wow, Larson 8 yrs old!!!

    You know I love the fall!!!!

    Will look forward to pictures of Halloween..

    Camping and hiking make sure your dress warm...

    Chinese food yummmmmmmm...

    We love and miss you...........

  4. This makes me miss you! But super excited about camping!