Wednesday, March 14, 2012

29 weeks!!!!!!!!!

We hit 29 weeks tomorrow!

Baby is moving and kicking all of the time now.

It's incredible.

I can literally spend an entire morning or evening just lying back in bed or on the couch, watching baby use my stomach as a punching bag.

It's unreal.

There is someone in there....growing...listening to my voice...feeling my movements, reacting to touch. 

I honestly can't wait to meet him or her.

The pregnancy is going as well as possible.  We found out at our last appointment that I had partial placenta previa and so we've been closely monitored.

I'm happy to report that today's appointment showed the placenta has now moved away from the cervix so we are in the clear.

However, my doctor did say she was slightly concerned because baby measured a little small.

We have another appointment next week with a specialist to talk about this and figure out if I simply need to up my protein or supplement intake or if I also need to be on....

dun dun dun..........

bed rest.


I'm hoping its protein!!!!!!!!

I don't have a belly shot to share with you this week...but know this...I'm GINORMOUS.

Instead, I'll share a photo of our little one taken at today's appointment....

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  1. Praying for the best results from your next visit! Baby Des Roches looks great. Don't forget your were born very, very little too:)