Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lovely distractions...

A few weeks ago my sister in law and her family hosted a soccer coach from the UK as part of the Challenger Soccer Camp program.

His name was Rob and we (my husband and I) found ourselves completely smitten with his thirst of knowledge, his "up for anything" attitude and (of course)...his accent and slang.  ; )

We took the family out to the best flat water in Richmond to teach Rob how to Stand Up Paddle for the first time, hung out with him at a family cookout and accompanied him to DC to show him some of the sites.

He was absolutely wonderful to be around.

We had such a good experience with Rob that my husband and I also volunteered to be a host family for any other coaches that might be in our area.

As it turned out....Challenger needed a host family for two coaches this past week.

And so we welcomed Roisin and Ben into our lives!!!!

Roisin is from Scotland and Ben is from England.

Their schedule was pretty relaxed which was great...they left the house by 8:30 every morning for camp and returned around 1 p.m. and had the rest of the day to do what they liked.  When we were available to take them out we did....and oh my how I realized a 31 year old body can barely keep up with 21 and 23 year old bodies.

During their stay with us we underwent our 3rd (and hopefully final) IUI cycle.

It was wonderful to have Ben and Roisin here as distractions.

We took them paddleboarding, club hopping, threw beer pong and slip n slide parties, took them for thai food, etc.

It was awesome having a full house.

What made it even better was that having Roisin and Ben stay with us also gave us more excuses for get togethers with friends we hadn't seen in awhile.

I was incredibly grateful for that.

We had a full week of being surrounded by wonderful, wonderful people.

And we're about to do it all again....

Challenger camp asked if we could host another coach this coming week.

Bring it.  ; )

Here are just a few of my favorite "snaps" as Roisin would call them of our time with Roisin and Ben (in no particular order):

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  1. I'm a half Aussie/Portugie soccer coach from Okinawa. I need a host family that will house and entertain me for a week. I'm very low maintenance and will eat/drink anything you put in front of me. You sound like a fun couple so pleeease adopt me!!!