Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Shine of Rainbows...

Our UK Soccer coach that we just hosted a few weeks back (Lukas) reached out to us asking if he and another coach (Tom) could stay with us for a few days before they head back to Charlotte, NC and then home.

I must say....I was tickled that Lukas felt our house was relaxing enough and fun enough to spend some of his precious last days in the US.

So at the moment...I have a house FULL of boys.

My husband, the two coaches, and Kozy.

Boys will be boys and last night when they broke out the video games I cuddled up in bed with a movie.

I watched a movie I'd never heard of called "A Shine of Rainbows" and couldn't believe how incredibly lovely it was.

It tugged at my every emotion.

It was one of the sweetest movies I've ever seen.

If you've never seen it....Netflix it. 

I promise you it's worth it.

Now I must get back to the boys...........


  1. Me thinkist your B&B is advertised all over the UK by now:)

  2. Your dad is so funny with his comment. I think that is his. I still have a hard time signing in and leaving comments so I'm just using Anonymous too.

    We watched Singin in the Rain and just loved it. It was nice and refreshing to just sit back and see clean and simple. It was great. I will look for the one you watched.