Friday, June 4, 2010

Beer-drinking Menehunes....

(August 15, 2008)

Got a photo text from one of my brothers last night...

I didn't really get a chance to look at the text until this morning....
it totally made my day.  =)
Olympia was my Papa's beer of choice.
Simply seeing this can brings back such great memories.....
Like the time my brothers and I were in a hotel room somewhere with Grandma and Papa (many many years ago) and Papa left a can of Olympia sitting on the table.  A few minutes later, he called us over to the table with this strange kind of excitement in his voice.
"Look!" He shouted, pointing at the can.
I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
The can was.....moving.
It was moving in a half-circular motion...very...very slowly.
We shouted and giggled and Papa told us it was probably the Menehunes drinking the rest of his beer.
(For those who don't know...Menehunes could probably be explained best by saying they're Hawaii's version of leprechauns)
My brothers and I looked under the table to see if Papa was fooling us but there was nothing under the table.
There were no strings attached to the can.
We couldn't figure it out!
We sat there for a long time just watching the can move. 
I remember looking up at my Papa for some kind of explanation....
"That's why you never leave your beer unattended."  He says with a smile.
Lesson learned.  =)

It was many years later when the same thing happened to me with an almost empty can of pepsi that I realized how the Olympia beer can had moved around on its own.
Turns out the condensation from the cold can had formed a tiny circle of water at the base of the can...lightly holding it to the table.  The table also happened to be located directly under a ceiling fan that was on at the time which pushed air either directly onto or into the can causing it to move.

I think I like Papa's Menehune version better....

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