Friday, June 4, 2010

Movie Review: Alice in Wonderland: An Adult Musical Comedy

(October 8, 2008)

Ok folks…this one’s not for the kiddies….

Alice in Wonderland: An Adult Musical Comedy starts off like any bad 70’s flick….the audio doesn’t exactly sync up with the visuals, the acting is putrid (I guess that’s to be expected when the main character is played by a former playboy bunny), the costumes are…stupid---and the activities involved in this film are….well…to be honest…I’m not even sure how to describe the activities in this film...

Think Alice in Wonderland with a few sexually explicit musical numbers, lots of nudity, women dressed up as cats licking Alice dry after Alice falls into a pond, Alice’s discovery of self-gratification after being prompted to rub herself by a talking rock, a completely hilarious scene between Alice and the Mad Hatter (who allows Alice to kiss his….), Alice reviving a Humpty-Dumpty dude who hasn’t been able to get it “up” in awhile, a crazy dude with rabbit ears, talk of an insane Queen, etc.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) I fell asleep half-way into the film....and so my review of Alice in Wonderland: An Adult Musical Comedy must end......prematurely.

Why was I watching this movie to begin with?

Check out latintroublemaker's blog for an explanation:

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