Monday, March 28, 2011


Happy Monday all!

My apologies for not keeping my blog as up to date as possible.

So, when we last left off I was telling you about my complete disgust with myself and that our baby Kea isn't doing well, etc.

I'm happy to write that Kea is doing better.  Not much better, but better nonetheless.

She's eating a bit more and moving around more.

We're hoping she continues to feel better and more like herself.

As far as my being grossed out by my own body...that hasn't really changed since my last post.  I'm still not happy with myself...however...I have been a bit more active and am already starting to feel better.

In other husband and a friend and I got to see Kodo perform in Richmond on St. Patricks Day and it was AMAZING.

This was the second time we've seen them in concert and it was even better than before.

Their stage presence and unbelievable energy immediately shoots out into the audience and you just feel rhythm with life.  It was an outstanding performance and I hope they come back to Richmond soon.

We haven't been up to much else apart from work and a little SUPing in between so I'm afraid that's all I have to write about at the moment.

More to follow......


  1. I am glad to hear your baby is doing a little better. It's so awful to watch a fur baby suffering. If only they could talk and tell us exactly what hurt.

    Great that you are getting back out and starting to be more active again. I have decided I need to get fit again too and have joined a gym and am actually enjoying it!

  2. Thanks Summastarlet!!!! Yes, it is terrible to watch fur babies suffer. I lost my very wonderful fur baby Gridgery in 2009 and Kea is his older sister and it's breaking my heart to watch her grow weaker. The only thing that keeps me from completely breaking down about the whole thing is knowing she has been so incredibly loved.

    And I'm so happy I'm not along in the get-fit game! =) Best of luck at the gym! Here's hoping for better feeling days for everyone in our position!