Sunday, March 13, 2011

Baby Kea

Our female boxer (Kea) is 11 years old now.

She was diagnosed with Cushings Disease about a year after our baby Gridgery died (Kea pictured above at Gridery's spot at Poor Farm Park).

She's been on a steady dose of medications since her diagnosis but she seems to have taken a turn for the worst in the past several weeks.

She's lost so much weight and can't hold herself up for very long. 

She walks into walls.

She falls down stairs.

She walks in circles.

It's breaking our heart to see her like this.

The vet thinks it's a tumor in the pituitary gland and that it's probably the reason she's walking into walls and walking in circles.

She falls a lot.

We're feeding her more good food than she's ever had and she still doesn't gain any of her weight back.

I hate this...

but I think we're losing her.

I'm praying that the vet will find something new and hopeful in her recent test results that we can try.

I can't stand seeing Kea so out of sorts.  So.....lost.

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