Friday, September 9, 2011

Operation Jellyman Kelly: Egg retrieval

DISCLAIMER: Any blog posts titled "Operation Jellyman Kelly" will no doubt gross you out. These posts will describe our current treatments for if you have a weak stomach or don't know how you'd have a conversation with me in person after reading this....stop reading now. ; )

Nine eggs.

Dr. T was able to retrieve nine eggs, which I don't mind telling you, really disappointed me.

He'd led me to believe I had between 10 and 20 follicles...but when it came down to it....9 is what we got.

I won't lie.....I was hoping for more because I felt more would give us better odds of fertilization (even though I know that's not true).  And it's not Dr. T's fault.....he thought he saw what he thought he saw.  But for some reason I'm still disappointed.  My belly was SO full and uncomfortable......I just truly felt there were...more.

Number of eggs aside, I'm happy to report the experience itself was absolutely amazing.

I didn't know what to expect when we arrived at the IVF Center, I just knew I was starving and uncomfortably full of follicles and walked in like a woman trying to shoplift a watermelon between her legs.

We were immediately greeted by the receptionist who exclaimed she felt she knew us because of all the paperwork and insurance claims she'd filed on our behalf.

We waited approximately 1 minute before a nurse opened the door and greeted us with the biggest of smiles, immediately comforting me.

Once we reached the door she introduced herself (Sandy) and grabbed my hand and started telling me how much they were looking forward to having us and if I needed anything to let her know.

As we walked back to the room we'd be based in Sandy introduced us to other nurses along the way and swung my hand up and down like she was showing off a new best friend.

She was a blessing to me at that very moment.

When we got to the room we could see they took great care in making sure both husband and wife would be comfortable.  I would spend the entire time in the comfy hospital bed and my husband would get to lounge in the lazy boy (complete with massage features).

Once we were settled in the room Sandy walked us both through the process and time-line of our visit while collecting vital signs and medical history.

And then we met Frank the anesthesiologist and he got my IV started.

Sandy and Frank have apparently been working together for 15 years or so and it showed.  Their playfullness was key to my relaxation.

Sandy warned my husband that most patients try to take Frank home with them at the end of the day because he's adorable...and he's got the goods (the drugs that is). 

In fact, Frank did tell me while he started my IV that if he starts getting better looking then he's given me too much!  LOL!

Frank gave me a little something as a "test" to see how I'd react to the drugs and the next thing I knew...they were rolling me into the operating room.

Frank said that I'd still be awake while they attached the EKG, etc. but that I would be asleep soon after that...

but I don't remember them hooking up the EKG.

I'm such a lightweight.

I woke to Sandy's voice asking how I was feeling.

According to Sandy and my husband, I said I was feeling fine and continuously asked if we played bumper cars with the hospital beds.  I must have asked that because the last time I was in a hospital bed (for my laparoscopy) I vividly remember the nurses bumping my bed into the wall and a shelf just before going under for my surgery.  

I remember Dr. T coming into the room and telling us they got 9 eggs.

And then according to Sandy and my husband I asked if my stomach ate some of the follicles during the retrieval because I was so hungry.

I wasn't in too much pain thanks to Frank and a wonderful heating pad and had the best nap ever tucked securely into my hospital bed.

Before I knew it, I was getting dressed and being wheeled out to the car.

I slept the rest of the day.

Today I feel much more bloated and have limited mobility...I don't know how some women are able to go to work the day after a retrieval! 

Anyhow, we're halfway there.

Thanks for all your continued well wishes and good thoughts!!!!!


  1. I didn't see this post until today.

    I am so thankful that all went well. Do not worry about the number of eggs, it is what it is.

    We love you and will keep praying for a postive test result.

    By the way... I hope I get a Frank on friday :o)

  2. We're glad you're okay, and pray for the very best results. And I'm glad you had Frank, but don't worry about mom 'cause she has an HG for Friday's procedure:)