Sunday, September 18, 2011

Paddlefest, Funeral and a Wedding reception

This Saturday could very well have been our busiest Saturday in some time.

It started with a short road trip to Lake Anna for the first annual Paddlefest 2011.  Awesome idea for an awesome community of was a small event hosted by a family that owns a beautiful piece of property at Lake Anna.  There were kayak and SUP "drag" races, water olympics and slolam courses.  Those in attendance were such a joy to talk to.  Almost everybody was in complete awe of Kozy SUPing with Jody.  And on more than one occasion someone mentioned how adorable it was that Kozy and Jody had matching lifevests.  ; ) 

We were a hit at the event (when I say we, I mean Kozy) and have been told we (again, Kozy) MUST be back for the second annual Paddlefest.

After Paddlefest we road tripped it back home, showered and changed and attended a funeral service for a friends mother.

When we arrived at the church where the service was being held, I noticed a bubble machine at the front door.  While I'd never met our friends mother, the bubble machine immediately told me I'd have liked her.

The service was beautiful....a true testament to the kind of woman whose life was being celebrated.

Our friends sister stood at the podium and delivered a heart-felt eulogy.  In no way can I do it justice, but she spoke of how she looked up to her mother, how her mother was the most courageous person she'd ever known, how she knew exactly what her children were thinking at all times, knew exactly what they needed at all times.  She shared the story of her mothers was during the aftermath of Hurricane Irene...and how she prayed to God to clear the path so she could get to her mothers house in the storm-riddled roads.  She spoke of how every tree that had fallen in her path had been removed....and as she turned onto the last road before the house....she saw an angel...drenched in sweat...removing the last remaining tree in her path with a chainsaw.  That angel was her brother.  Our friend. 

Though we sat in the back of the church for the service, we could see our dear friend at the front.  When his sister spoke of him being there, removing that last tree in their way....we could see it affected him.

My heart ached so, so much for him in that moment.

When it was time for our friend to speak....he could not.  I don't know how it was possible...but I felt every single person in the church collectively pray or wish for him the courage to say what he needed to say.

It broke my heart to see our strong, loving so much pain.

The service continued and the pastor shared the story of the bubble machine I'd seen at the door.  He said our friends mother wanted to plan out her service so that her family didn't have to.  And she asked the pastor if he thought the church would allow bubbles at the service.  She loved bubbles.  And so there were bubbles.

After this, our friend was able to get up and speak.

He thanked everyone that had been a part of his mothers life.  He shared how much he loved her.  It was gut-wrenching at times. 

He closed with what I thought to be the most perfect thing ever....

He said if we were lucky enough to still have our mothers around, to call them and tell them how much you love them.  They deserve it.

After the service we were able to throw our arms around our friends.  Something I'd wanted to do the moment the service started. 

We left the church feeling very thankful for friends that love so, so deeply.

And on the drive home, I called my Mom and told her I loved her.

And then it was time to change gears for a different kind of event....a wedding reception for a wonderful couple we've known only a little while but have already grown to love.

We stopped at Pier 1 to purchase a wedding gift and got into the most ridiculous (and I must say, fun) argument in the store over what to get them.

I suggested this really cool looking glass head that was made in was quirky and I thought perfect for the couple we were shopping for.

Jody suggested a metal skiing dog....because if anything said "unique", it was a metal skiing dog.

We kept arguing over where we thought the couple would be able to put a glass head vs metal skiing dog and eventually Jody consulted one of the associates to settle our argument.

"We're going to a wedding, the couples style is unique, we've narrowed it down to either a glass head or a metal skiing dog.  What would you like better?"

I have to say....I've never seen a Pier 1 associate look so baffled.  It was hilarious.

"Um.....well....I like them both....but if you want to be able to put the gift in a box, we don't have one big enough for the metal dog."


The wedding reception was a blast.  We ate, drank, joked around with friends and just genuinely enjoyed the night.  The bride and groom looked absolutely amazing.

And today, that lucky couple should be opening up a beautifully wrapped box with a......head inside..... that creepy????????


  1. That was a fun, sad, touching, and loving update. We love y'all!!!

  2. Head in a box? Totally not creepy! Such an Amanda and Jody gift!!

  3. My Santa Claus Mr. Potato-HEAD stays in our family room window. :c)

  4. Wow, what a busy day for you guys......

    First, I love the pictures of Jody and Kozy.

    Second, I'm sorry for your friends loss. I'm glad you where able to go and support him. I'm sure he was very grateful.

    Third, A wedding gift on the fly..... A glass head hummmm..........

    We love and miss you both.