Monday, January 24, 2011

Operation Jellyman Kelly: More shots

DISCLAIMER:  Any blog posts titled "Operation Jellyman Kelly" will no doubt gross you out.  These posts will describe our current treatments for if you have a weak stomach or don't know how you'd have a conversation with me in person after reading this....stop reading now.  ; )

We've done three nights of FSH injections now and my husband has been handling the needle like a champ!

I have to admit...I'm a little worried about the next set of injections (HCG) we're expecting later this week.

I've heard they are delivered via the buttocks and that is what I'm terrified of.

When I was a child, it took at least 2 people (sometimes 3) to hold me down for shots.

I was that afraid of needles.

I was willing to fight my own mother in order to avoid any kind of injections.

And injections to the butt or legs.....those were the worst for me.

So I'm hoping I can keep myself calm and just get through it.

Cross your fingers for us....if all goes according to schedule we should be doing the IUIs on Thursday and Friday of this week.

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