Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Operation Jellyman Kelly: Surgery Follow-up

DISCLAIMER:  Any blog posts titled "Operation Jellyman Kelly" will no doubt gross you out.  These posts will describe our current treatments for if you have a weak stomach or don't know how you'd have a conversation with me in person after reading this....stop reading now.  ; )

Three weeks after my laparoscopy my husband and I went to our "check-up" appointment with Dr. T.

I had been looking forward to this appointment because I really wanted to see the pictures Dr. T took with the laparoscope during surgery.

(I allowed him to take photos of the surgery for educational purposes.)

I had been extremely jealous that my husband had already seen these photos...shortly after the surgery.

As it turns of your uterus and ovaries are kind of...gooey.  I'm not entirely sure what I expected of the photos....but it was a little gross.

He summarized how the surgery had gone and that he'd found absolutely nothing wrong.

"So as you can see...nothing exceptional."

Nothing exceptional?  Way to make a girl feel special Dr. T.

He pushed the photos towards me on his desk...

"These are copies if you'd like to keep them..."

I laughed and respectfully declined.  Not exactly the type of photos I want to put up on the fridge.

Dr. T asked how we wanted to proceed regarding treatments, so we decided on the least invasive, least expensive (and unfortunately least likely to succeed) treatment....IUI (or intrauterine insemination).

I asked how soon we could try a round of IUI.

"As soon as you start your cycle."

Awesome.  My cycle was scheduled to start in a week and a half.

We didn't expect to walk out of that appointment with a plan, a prescription for Clomid and a practice kit for FSH injections...

but we did.


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