Friday, July 9, 2010

Dead on Time

(February 27, 2009)

The husband and I experienced our second murder mystery event of the year...

Dead on Time:

This murder mystery takes place on a Tran-Siberian Express Train bound for Moscow, where the suspects in the case are due to hold a Peace Summit. Mr Big Job, the powerfully-built personal bodyguard of Ambassador Mota of Japan, was accompanying the ambassador together with his geisha girl, Miss Hanki Panki. Fellow passengers included General Pushov, the Russian Commander in charge of the train together with his wife Irma Pushova. Representing China, Hoo Flung Dung was accompanied by his daughter, Miss Chow Pat. British interests were the responsibility of Major Ivor Titcher & his personal secretary, Miss De Meanor, who were present as neutral observers on behalf of the League of Nations.

We arrived to "the train" at approximately 7 p.m.

After being served coffee and tea in this charming snack carriage, we made our way into another carriage where we learned who the players were:

My husband was the Japanese Ambassador, Flashi Mota.

I was his Geisha-girl, Miss Hanki Panki.

There was also Chinese representative Hoo Flung Dung.....

 His daughter Miss Chow Pat (left) and wife of Russian General Pushov, Irma Pushova (right).

Russian commander Pushov (left) and British Major Ivor Titcher (right)

And last but not least, Miss De Meanor (left), personal secretary of Major Titcher.

After introductions we learned of the untimely and unclean death of Mr. Big Job, personal body guard of Ambassador Mota. We were given some clues and escorted into the dining carriage where we had a lovely 5 course meal.

After dinner we made our way to another carriage to discuss what could have happened to Big Job. There were some interesting things that took place throughout the night of his death...

Big Job had prepared a rare dish for the peace summit....puffer fish. We all noticed however, that Ambassador Mota didn't eat the puffer fish. This made my character, Miss Hanki Panki quite nervous because she knows if puffer fish isn't prepared properly, it can be fatal to those who eat it. The rest of the dinner party ate their puffer fish however, and nobody got sick.

We also learned that Big Job had been trying to blackmail several passengers on the train.

It also turned out that during one of the trains stops, 3 telegrams had been delivered to our carriage. Two of those telegrams were addressed to Big Job.

We also learned that fake mustouches were very hard to keep on throughout the night. ; )

More clues were revealed as the night went on.

Before we knew it, it was time to make our accusations.

It seemed everyone had some kind of motive (though not all of the motives were bad or directly linked to Big Job).

It turned out there were several spies on the train, even a double-agent, a contortunist/dancer, a martial arts expert, a Stalin party supporter, a womanizer, an antiqueter, you name it, it was on our train.

Fingers were pointed at the Ambassador, the Chinese representative, the Major, the General, the General's wife and the Chinese representatives daughter.

Once again, no fingers pointed at me. =)

Then it was time for the big reveal.....

Big Job's killer was none other than.........

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