Friday, July 23, 2010

Obon Festival 2010

(July 10, 2010)

The Ekoji Temple in Fairfax, Va was host to the 2010 Obon Festival.

The food, the music, the was all as spectacular as last year.

This year they also had a special guest performance by The Aloha Boys!

It was fantastic!

For those unfamiliar with's essentially a festival or celebration of the life of your passed on loved ones.  It's meant to be a celebration of the life they lived.  You dance for them, you remember them, you pray for them, you're with them.

The Aloha Boys and their hula dancers...

LOVE kimonos!

Jasmine dancing for her Baba at her first Obon festival....

Our favorite Taiko group (Nen Daiko)!!!

Lit candles for my lost loved ones.....this year...the new candle was for my Gridgery....

I love you Uncle, Papa, Gigi, Ron and Gridgery...I danced all night for you.

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