Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Operation Sumo Surprise

(November 22, 2008)

My husband turned 30 today.

He had been dreading it for some time; little comments like "I may as well be 40" and "I'm old" clued me in.

So I decided to throw him a surprise party......not just any surprise party though.....a surprise sumo tournament. =)

I tracked down as many of his high school buddies as possible in addition to his closest friends and Comfort Zone Camp friends and family and rented a sumo ring and sumo suits.

The mission....

throw him a "fake" surprise breakfast with his family (so he wouldn't expect anything else for the rest of the day), have a friend kidnap him for the afternoon while I set up for the party and then at 6 p.m. he would walk into a surprise sumo tournament....

mission accomplished.

Here's a timeline of what went down....

At 11 a.m. we met the family at the clubhouse (where we would be hosting the actual surprise party later that night) for a "fake" surprise breakfast.

He totally bought it. We had breakfast, pastries, a cake with candles and presents. He thought that was it.

At approximately 2:30pm his buddy Tony picked him up for some G-Force go-karting. Once he left the house, I jumped in the shower, got ready, packed up the car, picked Amy (Tony's wife) up and headed back to the clubhouse where we set up for the party.

At 5pm I picked up the food (veggie sushi platter, terriyaki chicken platter, veggie platter, european cookie platter) and got the food and drinks set up.

At approximately 5:45pm I called my husband and told him I had forgotten my coffeemaker at the clubhouse when we had breakfast there earlier that morning and asked if he could pick it up on his way back to the house.

At precisely (well, I don't actually know what time it was because I was freaking out about the surprise), at some point about 10 or 15 minutes later my husband walked in......

SURPRISE!!!!!!! Let the tournament begin.....

Obviously....I had no chance. =)

I had the honor of being the first sumo wrestler to actually fall all the way onto the ground. =) There was a collective gasp in the room (you can even see my little nephew in the background looking very concerned) but I was totally fine...until my husband squashed me! =)

Everyone was having a great time watching, eating, drinking sake and giving sumo wrestling a shot. It was an awesome night!

All in all....I think my husband had a pretty good 30th birthday! =)

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