Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Learning the ropes

(January 31, 2009)

A friend of ours is a facilitator at Challenge Discovery, a team-building outdoor challenge course in Richmond, VA.

As part of her job, she must continuously practice her facilitating. 

We love being guinea pigs!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had such a great time!

The "events" or different challenges were amazing and you really had to put your trust in the people you were up there with.

While the pictures don't do it justice...we were suspended approximately 60--65 feet in the air while performing all of these events.

So...for your viewing are a few photos of the day...

Our friend Sara got super creative and decided to make us all t-shirts that said "Proud 2 Admit" on the front and "I heart Carmen" on the back. Carmen (pictured center) was the super awesome gal who invited us to come participate in this event (for free!) so she could get more training as a facilitator.

Oh yeah...that's right...I jumped (no hands) 60 feet in the air from one plank to another. =)

It was an awesome day.........

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