Monday, February 22, 2010

Burnt popcorn

(November 9, 2007)

It takes only one...

One little bag of popcorn...

One little bag of popcorn, one microwave and one inattentive popcorn muncher...

Our entire office has smelled like burnt popcorn since 9:30 this morning.

I could hear the apologies being yelled over the cubicle dividers before I could smell what had happened.

"I'm sorry guys! I'm so sorry! I was just really hungry!"

"What in the world?" I thought. Why is he so sorry?


Like a juicy bug hitting you smack in the face as you ride your bike down a steep hill next to the hit me.

He burnt his popcorn.

Not only that...

he set the darn bag on fire.

I think I'm immune to the smell at this point...but I'm reminded that our floor stinks to high hell every time a non-2nd floor employee walks up here and blurts something ridiculous out:

"Whoa! What the heck happened? Did someone burn something?"


"Wow! Who was trying to cook!?!"

Suprisingly...not me this time. =)

"Dang! Who started the fire?"

Funny...there really was a fire.

"GOD! IT stinks!!!!"

Yes....yes it does.

"Holy crap! Who farted!?!?"

Not me.

"Oh no! I hate the smell of burnt popcorn! I'm getting out of here!"

Right behind you my friend....

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