Monday, February 22, 2010

What were you doing 6 years ago today?

(December 28, 2007)

I was getting off a plane in Las Vegas from Hawaii to meet my fiance (who drove from Colorado) to get married.

As soon as we picked up my baggage and my dog we were off to apply for our wedding license.

I remember standing in line to get our marriage license and seeing another line on the other side of the room....just as long. I asked the person behind me what that line was for. "Divorce," he said.

We were rushed through the process of application (which wasn't a big deal because we both knew what we were doing) and within 5 minutes we had our wedding license.

We had both of our dogs in the car (meeting each other for the first time) so a drive-thru wedding was what we were looking for.

It probably comes as no surprise to you...but there are a TON of drive-thru chapels available.

I can't remember the name of the first one we tried, but they were going to charge us a hefty amount of money for a witness.

So we continued on and saw "The Little White Wedding Chapel--Drive thru here".

The side of the building had a covering for the drive-thru area (in the event of rain I guess) and there were wonderful murals of Elvis sitting on clouds painted all over it.

The minister stuck his head out of the building window and asked if we'd like to get married.

"Yes!" =) We were both pretty giddy at this point.

We discussed the issue of a witness being present and he called out his assistant to be a witness for us. They never asked for money, in fact the wedding ceremony was by donation only. There was no set price. (We ended up giving them the amount the first frive-thru demanded of us...simply because they didn't demand it.)

We both got our Mom's on our cell phones, put them on speaker-phone and placed the phones on the dashboard. I set up the video camera on the dashboard as well but all it recorded were the dogs in the back seat getting to know one another.

The ceremony began.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today...."

At that moment I realized what I was wearing.

I like to travel comfortably, so I was in jeans, a striped shirt showing my midrift and sunglasses. I looked at my about-to-be-husband and he had sort of dressed up for the occasion. He was wearing khaki slacks and a white collar shirt. I suddenly realized how cool this was.

Every now and then, between vows, a growl came from the back seat. The dogs had already started wrestling with each other.

We could barely contain ourselves.....giggles came out here and there.

We got through the vows and put on the rings.

The kind old minister pronounced us husband and wife, we kissed (while giggling), told our Mom's we loved them, put the phones away, signed the necessary paperwork and kissed again.

"Now, can I recommend a fantastic place for you all to have your wedding dinner?" The minister was so cute.

"No thank you," we said. "We have to head back to Colorado."

"Right now?" he asked.


We thanked the minister again and drove thru.

"So...what are we going to have as our wedding dinner?" I asked, suddenly feeling really hungry.

We turned a corner and there it was....the light reflected on it just right that I could've sworn it was a sign.

Actually it was a sign....a big Burger King sign.

We pulled into the parking lot.

"Do you want me to run in and get food?" my husband asked.

"Hmmm....nah, let's make this our second drive-thru of the day."

And so our wedding dinner consisted of two Whoppers, a chicken sandwich, french fries, a Coke and a Dr. Pepper.

That's what I was doing 6 years ago today. =)

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