Monday, February 22, 2010

Walmart's best and brightest

(November 1, 2007)

I went grocery shopping yesterday after work and had such an ordeal at the check-out counter I felt compelled to share....

So any of you that have ever shopped at Walmart know they have that turnstile thingie for bagging your items.

The cashier scans the item, throws the item in a bag.

When the bag is full, they turn the turnstile and fill the next bag...etc.

Usually...the cashier will turn the turnstile counter-clockwise so you can start loading your bags into your cart as they continue scanning and bagging the rest of your items.

It's efficient. cashier just didn't get it.

He started scanning my groceries, throwing them into bags and then low and behold...he turned the turnstile clockwise. Clockwise! Away from me!


I stood there starring at the bags way on the other side of the turnstile thinking...should I just walk around to grab them? That sort of seems like a violation of the cashiers personal space.

Nah, I'll wait. There are only another 4 bags to fill and then the first bags will come-round.

I'm noticing at this point (since I have absolutely nothing to do but watch him scan my items) that he's not filling the bags all the way. Oh well, just get me my bags.

The cashier is about to turn the turnstile first two bags of groceries are almost within reach...

I reach out to grab the first bag....


He turns the turnstile away from me!

The cashier has now realized he hasn't filled the bags all the way and decides he's going to just keep spinning the turnstile, dropping random items into the half-filled bags.

He's finishes bagging everything and as I go to grab the bags he tells me my total.

I pay.

I start to load my bags and he hands me my receipt.

What happened next just about sent me over the edge.

I'm only half-way done loading my bags and he starts scanning the next customers stuff and turns the turnstile away from me to start bagging it!!!

Irritated, I stop the turnstile.

"Can you let me finish please?"

He stops everything. "Ok."

"Thanks," I say as politely as possible.

He shrugs his shoulders at the next customer.

I look at the other customer thinking she'll share in my frustration only to find she's looking at me like I was the one holding up the damn line!

Please--Walmart cashiers, if you don't already do this...PLEASE turn the turnstile counter-clockwise so they can load their bags while you're still scanning and bagging.

It just makes sense.

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