Monday, February 22, 2010

New York City (Part 1)

(May 2007)

I'm here on business and not quite sure what to do with myself. I have tonight to myself and then conferences start tomorrow.

My experience so far:

The flight into New York was amazingly comfortable. We flew over the statue of liberty which was very cool. The city is HUGE. I thought we were flying over one of those miniature city models. It's so big here.

The taxi ride from the airport to the hotel was an adventure. My driver hit his mirror on the side of a cement wall. He didn't speak English very well but seemed to know all the words to the Britney Spears song that came on the radio. For about 3 minutes, we both sat bobbing our heads to the beat, it was very amusing. When we got to the hotel and I tried to pay him with a credit card, his demeanor changed from funny cab driver that sings Britney spears to mean Indian man who doesn't take credit cards. He gave me a big ol attitude, even though I was putting the card away and grabbing cash. I paid and he left. Interesting.

The hotel check-in lady was extremely unhappy about something and just couldn't break a smile for anything. Even when I flashed a bright smile asking "is this where I check in?" Stupid questions will get you nowhere in New York apparently.

I got my room key and was directed to a specific set of elevators that would take me to my floor. I got to the room and was pleasantly surprised to find how comfy and cozy it is…especially compared to the check-in lady.

My room is super cool. The bed is the softest I've ever jumped on and the mini-bar is fully stocked. I doubt I will make a dent in it, and I'm not actually sure how much it will cost, but what the hell (kidding!).

The view from my room is cool…all sorts of tall buildings. I have the window open at the moment to hear the bustling of the city…meaning…car horns.

The TV. in the room is HUGE; I'm really liking that.

The bathroom is small but pretty. The shower is all glass, pretty neat. I will have pictures to share later.

There are three restaurants in the hotel, but as luck would have it, I've managed to find a Starbucks in the lobby. Who needs 10 oz. steaks when you can get a tuna sandwich and iced coffee? Iced coffee please.

I decided to brave the wild and walk to Central Park after unpacking my bag.

Central park is beautiful, but kind of smells like elephant poo in certain areas? There were lots of tourists walking around taking pictures, New Yorkers walking their dogs and letting them poop on the sidewalk and others sunbathing on the grassy knolls. There are a lot of grassy knolls in Central Park. It was really strange walking around in all this lush greenery and knowing you were smack in the middle of a huge city. It was nice.

I found my way back to the hotel, but not without almost getting groped by a person dressed up as Dr. Jeckl or Mr. Hyde, I'm not sure which one he was…but he was in a big ugly costume and had big ugly hands that headed in my direction while I walked by. I didn't make eye-contact and just kept walking.

At the very moment, I am sitting by the open window in my hotel room, chomping down my tuna sandwich and sipping my iced coffee with the history channel on and horns blaring outside. I can't help but feel a little like Carrie Bradshaw as I type about my silly New York experience on my little laptop. =)

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