Monday, February 22, 2010

I hate it when he's right

(October 25, 2007)

So, my husband and I are throwing a Halloween party tomorrow night and we've been planning it for a good three weeks now.

I take that back.

I've been planning it for a good three weeks now.

It's not your average Halloween party...we decided...sorry...I make it different by merging a Halloween party, a film festival, a slumber party and a camp-out.

Our guests will be arriving around 7 p.m. tomorrow and are sleeping over in tents in our back yard. =) It's going to be so fun to camp outside in the yard again...I haven't done that since I was about 11 years old!

I have all these activities planned and had the entire menu planned out.

Well, the weather suddenly changed and now it looks like we'll get plenty of rain the night of the party.

Originally we were going to bar-b-que, but with the rain chances so high, I decided to not worry about cooking food outside...we could just make a couple of big lasagna's and we'll be good to go!

I called my husband yesterday morning to discuss the change of plans. He said, "ok babe, sounds good."

So now the afternoon rolls around and we have to go shopping for all the groceries...

On the way to Costco, my husband suddenly comes up with a brilliant plan: instead of making three big lasagna's from scratch...why don't we just make one big ol pot of Brunswick stew? It's the perfect meal for a cold-rainy night.

I'm crushed. I already planned to make lasagna!

But he's right!

Brunswick stew is a good idea. It is so awesome to have on a cold-rainy night. I know from experience!


Up until this point, he had no input on party planning...and we're going to get the food, he completely changes the plan on me?!?

What the crap!?!?

I'm most irritated that his plan is good!

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