Monday, February 22, 2010

Sorry, I'm married?

(October 18, 2007)

Today I was walking out of Starbucks with my (yup, you guessed it, iced-coffee and sandwich) and I briefly made eye-contact with a man sitting in his car.

He quickly rolled down his window and asked what my name was. I was still walking away but I blurted out my name.

"God you're beautiful" he said and quickly asked where I was from.

"Hawaii" I said as I continued to walk away.

"Wait wait! Come here!" he shouted and I quickly stuck my left hand in the air and yelled "Sorry, I'm married!"

Now….while his compliment totally made me blush and I felt really giddy as most girls do when they receive a "god you're beautiful" from a stranger, I felt like a total jerk at the same time for blurting out that I was married and then running away.

What if he didn't mean anything by the compliment?

What if he simply thought I was beautiful and just wanted to share that with me with no other intentions?

I compliment people all the time without ulterior motives.

If I complimented a guy on his eyes and then he quickly said, "Sorry, I'm married" I would think he was the most egotistical arse in the world! "Thanks for the marital status bro, but I don't want to sleep with you. I just like your eyes."

So…from this point on if anyone out there wants to call me beautiful I will simply say "thank you" without the "sorry" or "I'm married" part and we'll see if that works out better.

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